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Well, all I can say is to each his own. I too have watched every version of Star Trek from the very beginning of TOS. I know many people who LOVE DS9 and personally I can't stand it. I do understand that it is my opinion and doesn't affect others love for it. I don't however go into that section and post about how bad the acting and ridiculous the story lines were or how uninteresting and boring the characters are. I really don't understand why people think that their opinion is more valid than others or that people care that you don't like the show that I do. I personally don't care if anyone likes or dislikes "Enterprise" but people sure do think that their limited opinions actually mean something. I also don't get posting about shows that you apparently hate. Luckily I have better things to do than to post about things I don't like, lol

I completely agree.

If I'm having a bitch about my least favorite series (TNG) I don't do it in the TNG forum. If I'm going to eviscerate Riker because I hate him I don't do it in the TNG forum. Why piss on other people's party?

I don't get spending so much time in a forum for a show you hate talking about how you hate it. It's ugly.

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