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Re: Why Did Gene drop Christopher Pike?

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Burns was always a step behind the others, Winchester often a half-step ahead.

There are similar sharp contrasts between Blake and Potter, and Trapper and B.J., and all were by design.
It reads to me that you are off-point. The fact there were differences in characters doesn't seem to be the point but rather what motivated those changes.

OTOH, there's nothing that Kirk says or does in WNMHGB that would have been "out of character" for Pike because so little character was established for either of them at that point. Roddenberry simply replaced one handsome leading man of a certain apparent age with another.
On this I agree. Again, the Horatio Hornblower influence was the dramatic line in the writting of the captain character - whether it be Kirk or Pike - coupled with different style of the particular actor (Shatner or Hunter).
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