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Re: Confession: Why I am now 7/R

You haven't seen TNG The Host?

They stick Bev's trill Lover in Riker after the symbiotes host dies, and then Riker gets a back seat while Bev Fracks his meat packaged around the slug in Riker's belly. After three days of constant rutting, the Trill governments ships in a permanent replacement host, where-after Bev is standing there in her office, licking her lips gagging to see what the chassis around her boyfriend's outer visage fašade is going to look like and how it is going to drill her with giggly anticipation because Bev has always been a good girl and never had an ethical out that would allow her three cocks to play with in the span of just one week before.

She barely cares what the new host will look like because frankly no one has touched her since her husband died and sex isn't unpleasant, However...

The new host is a girl.

"Oh, um.. No... I can't cope with all the uncertainty and surprise and eeeew. Just step off."
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