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Re: Marvel planning Guardians of the Galaxy movie!

Ugh, they already hired a extremely mediocre former wrestler who's a black hole of charisma to play Drax. Why do they feel the need to hire another horrible actor as Gamora? Maybe its to balance out the suck among the genders

Well, ok, to be fair I actually like Avatar for the story (I never saw it in fancy 3D) and she voiced an alien well in that. Still, that doesn't balance out her being the worst character in my most hated movie. I was really excited for GotG, but each new cast member announced (or rumored) makes me less and less excited. At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if Christian Bale is brought in as Rocket Raccoon, complete with his stupid batman voice

Actually, I've been thinking, it would be cool if they got Greg Ellis to voice RR. I'm sure getting a real voice actor isn't something movie makers would want (I'm not sure why I think that, but for some reason thats just the kind of vibe I get from big movies) but he did a good RR in the avengers cartoon and MvC3 video game.
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