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Re: What ethnicity are you?

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I hope I get to attend the next Pow Pow of the Monacan Nation here in Virginia later this year. My cousins have been wanting me to come to meet other members of the extended family who have Monacan heritage. It looks like it'd be very fun and educational, plus there are many people on my dad's side of the family I've never had the opportunity to meet over the years.
Oh, I hope you do get a chance to go! I was able to attend 2 hosted by the local band when I was much younger (still living on the east coast, so it must have been about 100 years ago now!). I feel like I really learned a lot (and I had a fantastic time).

I kind of wish I had taken full advantage of that opportunity to meet and connect with people. But I was really young at the time, and I still believed that those types of opportunities would be plentiful.

What are my chances of a do-over?
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