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Re: First time watching Enterprise!

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It's mostly bullshit (otherwise known as fantasy head canon) about a very minor character Merlanthe but I apologize for having said anything about anything you weren't up to.

I will be very careful in the future in your thread
I'll offer apologies too! There's some substance to what we're saying, but mostly it's just the usual silly banter!
Thats okay i do enjoy reading the silly banter so feel free to continue just pls put any spoilorish stuff in tags so i dont see it

I would really like to avoid reading any spoilerish stuff because its only really when i first watch a series that i can be surprised. My memory for plot/chaarcter details from series ive watched or books ive read is too good i can go as long as a decade without watching something and still recall most the details. My mother is the complete opposite if more than a couple months have passed she wont remember if shes watched an episode before until its partway through or near the end. She always relies on me to remember where wer up to when we watch a series together.

Btw Teacake i would avoid looking at the last couple posts on your Farscape thread as they are discussing whether a minor spoiler counts as a spoiler without using any tags which is silly of them.
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