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Re: Please don't airlock me . . .

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I highly recommend going out of your way to see KM at a con. Out of the long list of Trek folk I've seen she was the all time best and not just because I'm a Janeway fan. She seems to just LOVE doing these things, she's very funny and dramatic and the audience is just eating out of her hand. She's damn good at it.
That's terrific, and if I do go to a con, I'd see her.

But it's not heroic.

Don't misunderstand me. I'm not trying to dis Kate here. She may well be a terrific convention guest, a wonderful actress, a charming human being & a just a wonderful woman all around (although she's certainly made me question that with a few of her comments regarding a coworker).

But she's an actress, paid very well to do a job. I just don't understand calling her a hero.
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