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Re: Please don't airlock me . . .

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I highly recommend going out of your way to see KM at a con. Out of the long list of Trek folk I've seen she was the all time best and not just because I'm a Janeway fan. She seems to just LOVE doing these things, she's very funny and dramatic and the audience is just eating out of her hand. She's damn good at it.

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I'm trying not to think about what Hills and Bubbah would ever look at a problem while they ran the White house and mutter: "WWKJD?"
:: makes a cigar joke ::

No, really this is an awesome proposal. Someone needs to research all the presidential decisions and pass it through the KJ filter to see how she influenced them.
Kate is WONDERFUL in a con... but if the only reason you'd fly all the way to Vegas would be to see her... remember these people cancel gigs for other commitments all the time. Next month BOTH Patrick Stewart and Kate Mulgrew bowed out of a con in Boston, luckily I've seen both recently and am interested in the ones I haven't seen before.

WWJD? I used to have a KJ bumpersticker that said that!

Can't find it but this one is cute...

Oh... I can feel her staring me down in this one...


Not my old bumper sticker... but it would do...

God I love her hair in this one!

I bet THIS one is teacake's fav!!!! GWG's!
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