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Re: Worst Star trek actor ever

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And I dare anybody to come up with clear reasons why Wes Studi would not have been a far greater Chakotay. Studi would have been for Chakotay what Nimoy was for Spock. He would have been a reason to watch the show. His interplay with Kate Mulgrew would have been phenomenal. Completely missed opportunity there.
Plus, Wes Studi is an actual First Nations person, unlike Beltran.

I would've gone with Adam Beach as Chakotay, but around the time Voyager started, he was quite young to be a First Officer on any ship.
I would have gone with Graham Greene (Dances With Wolves) as Chakotay. Older, wiser, a real sense of gravitas. Would have set up a more interesting relationship between that chartacter and Janeway, IMO.
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