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As a part of "The West Wing that we got", which is what I was talking about, yeah, I'd count shows that aired as a part of the original run. But go back and look at the early seasons, too. For example, Josh is absolutely essential to the second-season opener, as who really got hurt in the shooting, who got Sam on board, who accepted Donna.
Yeah, and Riker was very important to "The Best of Both Worlds," and Worf was very important to "Redemption," and Odo was very important to "Broken Link." In an ensemble show, naturally you can find certain episodes where a given character takes center stage. But you're really exaggerating Josh's importance relative to Sam, Leo, and the rest. He was a key member of the ensemble, equal to the other main leads, but not above them in importance.

That's a very poor analogy
Any analogy between Star Trek and The West Wing becomes a poor one, as soon as chain of command is taken into consideration, because there is no analog for TWW staff in Federation starship crews that we are ever made aware of; maybe we'd be talking about something like a bunch of captain's yeomen.
That's ridiculous. Leo McGarry was the White House Chief of Staff -- essentially the equivalent of Riker. Constitutionally, the Vice President is not the "second-in-command," but is only there to take over if the President dies and to cast a tiebreaking vote in the Senate if necessary. Some recent vice presidents such as Gore and Cheney have carved out more important roles in the administration, but TWW's veep was more sidelined as has often been the case in presidential administrations. In practice, in many administrations the Chief of Staff has been effectively the "co-president," the crucial right-hand person, much as Rahm Emanuel (the real-life model for Josh Lyman) was for President Obama (the real-life model for Matt Santos) at the start of his first term. Josh was the Deputy Chief of Staff, making him Leo's second-in-command and thus tantamount to the second officer (Data) in the hierarchy.

A yeoman is essentially a secretary, clerk, or administrative assistant. The equivalent to the captain's yeoman in TWW would be Mrs. Landingham or Lily Tomlin's character who replaced her.
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