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Re: 50th Anniversary Story Official Thread

Zygons huh? Interesting choice, but I'm just so glad that they're going for a classic villain. I think this has the making of a great episode. If it's just Matt an Tennant with the Zygons, I have a nice little felling that this will resemble the Two Doctors more than the Three of Five Doctors which for me is great as the two doctors is my favourite cross-over ever, and one of my favourite episodes. Although, I still really want to see Paul come back. he needs a second time on screen. but at least my doctor is back for the big day!

Originally, I thought this 50th anniversary would be doomed from the start with Moffatt the helms, with him you'd have thought that it would just be Smith with some new villain and a complicated plot twist even Moffatt does not fully understand. If this 50th special is awesome, Moffatt may be redeemed in my eyes. Hopefully though at the end there won't be something that would really piss me off happening in it like the doctor regenerating into a woman or something.

Really for this one, I just want a good old doctor team up with a great villain and a great episode. No complicated plot twists that lead into something awful and confusing like series 6 or the doctor being a Dalek or something. Really, I'd rather not have the doctor regenerating in this one seeing that his last adventure would be with a past version of himself.

Also while we're on the topic of Tardis outsides, I prefer DT's Tardis, looks a bit more realistic compared to MS's. I don't like how bright his is.
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