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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

Your grandfather is locked away in a nursing home now, but 60 years ago, it's a safe bet that he was a dick. There's maybe a slim chance your grampies might have been Ward Cleaver in spirit, but it's far more likely he was Fred Flintstone with a drinking problem, if we ignore all that Dinosaur shit. Y'know, fun but trouble.

Who the frak is Odin to decide who is and who is not worthy when he either has a mindset straight out of the 1960s or the 1160s, it must be insane the criteria for worthiness he must be using to judge all takers!

"Killing a yak with your bare hands and skinning it in 10 minutes."


"If you only beat your wife if she really deserves it,"

Odin locked two of his children into confined spaces for decades and deadbeat dad ignored the other till his own death bed... Why do I get the impression that everytime Odin had a daughter from some big boned bar maid, that he drowned the girl baby in a lake?

And lets not get into the Odin sleep!

"The world is ending? Fuck you! I'm taking a nap! Comeback next week."


"Don't wake your father, he wakes up surley and swinging."

Gave up his eye for ultimate knowledge?

Methinks he just had some brown acid.

This whole "worthy" thing poeple have been dancing around since the 1960s is probably not as hard as it seems. Worthiness is probably just a ticking off a list of things to kill and things to frakk, although you'd be double worthy if you frakked all the stuff you were supped to kill.


(Indestructible Hulk. Nice read.)
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