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Re: The Netflix Thread

Fringe fans take note-the show was added today to Instant Watch. Stream as much Walter as you want, or until you break the space time continuum.

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In that case the question isn't why it's not on Netflix, because of some studio issues, but how does Netflix know he's popular on Netflix if his shows aren't there?
Both B5 and Jeremiah were available on the US service for years. So, I'm sure Netflix still keeps data on how well they performed while they had them. As already mentioned, the reason they aren't there presently is due to the studios not renewing contracts than Netflix not wanting them. Warner Bros adopted an extremely antagonistic posture against Netflix, and pulled (didn't renew) many of their popular series from NF in the US. That has softened in the last few months, though the non US based subscribers are benefiting the most. WB sells the Matrix films-and their shows no longer available in the US (Pushing Daisies, Sarah Connor), to NF's foreign services. Fringe was available for several months before today, as is Chuck-which arrives here later this spring/summer, no date has been posted.
So it's not out of the realm that, looking at what's popular globally, that they'd mention JMS and the Wachowskis, in talking up an association with them.
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