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Re: TAS Continuation?

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I was just curious if there are any novels that continue or pick up on any of the storylines explored in TAS? More than just name-dropping crew we've seen in the show, but I'm not necessarily expecting full sequels to episodes.
Have you found Alan Dean Foster's 22 adaptations over ten volumes of "Star Trek Logs" (or the more recent set of five trade-sized volumes, with a serialized essay as introductions)?

Linking the TV scenes, he teases out much new material. There are flashbacks to previous events in the careers of Arex and M'Ress, lots of participation from Gabler, a story that involves Kirk and a Klingon, Kumara, he once roomed with during an Academy exchange program (based on a two-part episode ADF was encouraged to write in case TOS was renewed for a Season Four), a flashback to Robert April's first command, what happened to M'Ress and three other Caitians on the Enterprise while Spock, Uhura and Sulu were captured by the kzinti, and an adventure with Uhura's family when she was young.

There are sequels to episodes, too: following up "Bem", "Eye of the Beholder", "The Counter-clock Incident" and even one to the Kumara story.

Oh yeah! Kor is seen to be now married to Kali (from "The Time Trap") in the Melinda Snodgrass TOS novel, "The Tears of the Singers". Elysia's citizens (also from "The Time Trap") are featured again in the S.C.E. adventure, "Where Time Stands Still".

Jan Grey and Loom Aleek-Om (of "Yesteryear") appear in "Crucible: Spock" and "DTI: Forgotten History". Paul Bates and (briefly) Anne Nored appear in "Crucible: McCoy".
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