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Re: Windows XP Problems WITH Solutions

Does anyone have any solutions for XP and Klingon Academy? I've started playing it again. My friend gave it back after borrowing it for almost 4 years.

My problem is that the game will crash at random times during ship combat. It dumps this to the Event Viewer:
Faulting application ka.exe, version, faulting module ka.exe, version, fault address 0x0010a251.

Anyway I can find much information on the game. Interplay went belly-up. I found through a google search, one person having similar problems, and he/she was able to fix it by rolling back their Nvidia Detonator driver to an old version. I tried that but no luck.

PC Specs:
2.4GHz P4
64MB GForce 4 MX (Yes I know it sucks)
Sound Blaster Audigy 2
Windows XP SP2 w/ all the trimmings, err. patches.

Oh and I have tried compatibility mode
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