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Re: XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Well Reverend, your post on the previous page said grenades aren't worth it till "much later," so you're kind of contradicting yourself
Or my opinion changed over the course of months? That happens sometimes.

Really though, grenades are only worth having early on up until you start rolling out the vests and even then only as a last resort since you want those bodies intact. Later on...well it depends on where you are in the tech tree compared to what kind of enemies you're facing. They can be useful if you suddenly find yourself up against berserkers, cyberdiscs and heavy floaters before you've researched plasma weapons. So again, they're a stop-gap measure. You'll very quickly find there are more useful things to put in that equipment slot.

IMO it may have been better if they had some sort of gear/weight system rather than a take-it-or-leave-it inventory of 1. It could have meant a little more latitude in how you spec out the various classes, especially in regards to consumables like grenades and medkits. Or something as simple as a skill proficiency, so non-support soldiers can use medkits (and yeah, salvaging them off of downed squadmates would be fantastic!) but they can't stabilise or revive and don't heal as much as a trained medic can. Likewise with grenades, everyone can use them but assaults and heavies do more damage and/or can use specialized varieties like flashbangs, chaff or EMP.

Actually, while I'm thinking about it an engineer/demolitions class might have been good. It'd certainly make the SHIVs more appealing if they're remotely operated by some combat engineer who's immobile while controlling the bot, and so has to be protected, and if he gets taken out the bot is useless, but if it gets taken out, he can still pull out a pistol/grenade and be useful

So yeah, for the next game I hope they take what they've done and just increase the scope and depth.

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