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Re: Family Member Owes Money. Advice?

And not sure where you're investing your money, but there's no way you missed out on $1,000 in interest by not having $5k in your account for 3 years. That's a crazy return on investment in this environment without some serious luck (steady 6%), and savings accounts don't pay jack in interest anymore. And you got SOME of the $5k back, so can't even count the full amount. Don't make it worse by imagining some crazy amount of loss you're incurring; the loss is pretty much limited to what you gave out, plus maybe a couple hundred bucks in interest max, assuming good return...
i am not so sure that it is so crazy. StarMan is from New Zealand and I assume that New Zealand interest rates are similar to Australia's. In 2011 I opened up a 60 month fixed term deposit and got a 6% interest rate (interest is paid to me yearly). When I open up the account my banker told me I was unfortunate - two months before the interest rate was at 6.8%. At the same time I also opened up a 12 month fixed term deposit with. 5.3% interrst rate - so it is highly probable that StarMan could have got an interest rate of around 6% or slightly more in 2010 for a three year fix term deposit of $5000.

Edited to add - I looked up current interest rates in Australia and New Zealand and found them similar, currently around 4.5% on fixed term deposits and between about 2 and 4.5% for savings accounts depending on the type of savings account. I get the higher rate on one saving account because I deposit a minimum of $50 a month and don't withdraw (if I withdraw I lose my interest for that month).

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