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Re: Deanna driving the ship...

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Whatever. Troi wasn't responsible for crashing the ship no matter how much you want to pretend she was. We can joke about women drivers and all, but when a ship's helm goes offline, it's basically a very large brick at that point.
You're the one who keeps bringing up the women driver bit, not me. Just because Troi's a woman, doesn't give her a pass for doing something foolish. If Wesley had done the same, I'd be saying he was foolish.

Yes, it is a giant brick when the helm goes off line. But here's the hard thing to grasp... the helm didn't go off line until the shock wave hit it. So... she could... and did... maneuver it freely before the drive section exploded. She could've saved the saucer easily enough. Ro Laren would have I expect.
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