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Re: Countdown to Darkness - Review and Discussion

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But assuming that Robert April isn't in the film, then how can a comic series that so heavily features him - and which is obviously a very intricate plot and is also a prequel to STID - just be dismissed out of hand in said film?
Who said anything about being "dismissed?" Remember the analogy I made with Countdown. That was a story that was built on information that originally came from the film: that a supernova endangered Romulus, that Spock was sent in the Jellyfish to stop it with red matter, that he didn't arrive in time and Romulus was destroyed, and that Nero, captain of the Narada, blamed him for the destruction and attacked him, and that they both fell into the black hole created by the red matter. That story was told in the film, and it was also told in Countdown, fleshed out with more backstory and detail.

So it's not an either-or question, where any given piece of information is only allowed to be in one of the two stories. That's not the way it works. This comic, just like Countdown, was written to foreshadow events from a movie script that was written before it. So any information in the comic that's relevant to the movie is going to be in both the comic and the movie, just like the Romulus/red matter stuff in the first movie. So people seeing the movie will get all the information they need without needing the comic, and the comic just fleshes out some of that background information more fully.
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