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Re: Deanna driving the ship...

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Pft... well insulting the other person is typically a sign your argument can't stand scrutiny
First of all it wasn't an insult, but a joke (note the smiley).

Second, it's your argument that doesn't stand scrutiny. It goes against what was presented onscreen. The explosion caused the saucer section to lose helm control and crash into the planet. The line "Helm controls are offline!" makes it quite clear that it wouldn't have made a bit of difference who was sitting at the helm. The ship still would have crashed.

You've been trying awfully hard to suggest that it was Troi's fault the ship crashed and someone else at the helm could have prevented it, but the evidence just isn't there to support that.
And you're not apparently reading my argument by reiterating that. She had plenty of time before the "helm controls are offline!" line to maneuver. She in fact -did- maneuver as witnessed by the saucer turning away as they separated. I'm not saying she should've done some fancy maneuver after the shockwave hit. I'm saying she should've acted differently as she was flying away from the drive section, before it blew up.

It's not a difficult concept. If she positioned the saucer differently before the explosion all the shock wave would've done is push the saucer further away from the planet... as opposed to into it. The evidence is there to be seen by anyone... you just don't seem to want to for whatever reason. But anyways, I've stated my position several times... which you haven't countered the point at all that she could've acted differently in the time between the separation and the explosion.
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