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Re: XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Well Reverend, your post on the previous page said grenades aren't worth it till "much later," so you're kind of contradicting yourself . I know there is a two grenade upgrade on one of the classes, and you can upgrade to 5 damage grenades at some point.

I'm finding that whenever I have a medkit or two, the guys that get taken down are the ones carrying them. If you could run up and scavenge the medkit from the guy bleeding out to use it, it would be one thing. But very rarely have they come in handy for me. Frustrating. I've had better luck just rushing to finish missions when guys are bleeding out than managing to stabilize them. Out of curiosity... there is an abort mission option in the menu. What does that do? Do you lose all your troops? Do the living just evacuate to fight another day? If someone is bleeding out do they die or get saved?

I've had a bad run on my Iron Man the last couple of months after a great start. I don't think I have any troops above Squaddie level after screwing up a couple of abductions. I had to let both South American countries walk away from the program. I really stupidly ran my rapidly leveling sniper too far on the opening move on one abduction and got her killed. Extra stupid as I had just got the Battle Scanner... so why didn't I just toss one into the map to see what was going on? Really dumb.

My income is good, my tech is lagging... but what I really need to do is just get through some missions without losses so my squad levels up. I do have Wet Work going for me so hopefully that'll be enough of a boost to get some levels, the extra health, and a positive feedback cycle keeping them alive.

Uhh, and so that this isn't entirely just me resurrecting a thread to rant about my gameplay experience 6 months after the fact. Here's some content:

Old XCOM guy and new XCOM guy. In a room. Together!
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