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Re: Drexler?s Bring Enterprise To Netflix Campaign

With a new cast. Drexler already made the ship look much better sans the Berman blanket. Hopefully inside will get an update too and get bigger with more light. I hate the Meyer's submarine gritty grid approach as well as the no toggle switches Okudas and Sternbach's approach. I even got him to agree to that but Berman was putting the whammy on everything and hamstringing everybody including and especially the writers until he became one himself to our chagrin, and stopped the open submissions policy and hired the fat lady clown, Manny Coto to end it all. I guess when Brannon saw him, he knew it was all over. It was two mediocre faceless showrunner against one. I once wrote a letter to Braga how I could have improved some of the episodes that Berman was involved with and someone called me, I think it was him, and agreed with me, but told me that Rick had a very fragile ego that shouldn't be broken. Of course Brannon was so far up his ass by that time that it didn't matter. They were virtually the same person twenty years apart. Unfortunate.

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