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Re: New Possible Spoiler for Harrison and One Other Possible Big Spoil

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We haven't in nuTrek, which is all that really matters here.
Meh - if I hve one criticism of Trek generally is that the Federation and its officers are always protrayed as the good guys - they are the proverbial "goodie two shoes," of the Alpha Quadrant whereas the non-human aliens are alway the bad guys.

Save section 31 and admiral what's his name in DS9 who tries to take control of earth, mostly Federaiton folks are always the one's that save the day and are always trying to do, "right," by everyone else whereas the Romulans, Caradassians, Klingons are the one's with utterly corrupt societies.

The Federation - like any large organization - like the US military would have good guys, bad guys, and middle of the ground guys.

A great historical example for the US military would be General Patton who is is widely regarded as a great general but one son of a bitch and could be downright evil at times - to even his own troops..
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