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Re: When Sisko met the Prophets

To me, the Wormhole aliens/Prophets exist in a unique state in which Time has no meaning. Past, present, future (and all the infinite different versions of them) are all one and the same. As a godlike (or unaffected) race, they never gave more than a passing interest in the affairs of lesser races in the same way most of us don't give much thought to an ant hill we might pass while driving down a road.

Sisko was the one that introduced the concept of Linear Time--of one event leading to another. Still being non-linear beings, though, the wormhole aliens were not subject to cause and effect themselves and could go back in time and create the cause of an effect they already experienced.

As linear beings, this doesn't make a lick of sense to us because it doesn't fit the way things work in our reality.
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