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I'm so glad you have an alternative TSQ! I was afraid for a second when I read you first sentence!
Yeah, some diabetics have severe allergic reactions. Mine was only moderate, which was why it was so hard to figure out that that was what was wrong. Apparently there is an insulin desensitization program that people can go through in the rare case that they have allergic reactions to all analog insulins (even my allergy is very rare, as synthetic insulins are comparatively hypoallergenic compared to porcine and bovine varieties that used to be used).

I had to come home from work early. I had to have an unscheduled dental appointment this morning on a tooth that had a break in a previous repair. Unexpected filling, rebuild of broken area, and threat of a future root canal later...and I still went to work. Silly, silly me.

I hurt.

edit to add that now I really, really hurt. Whimper.
Oh, poor thing! Dental work is never fun!

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