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Re: VOY The Second Time Around

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And Melakon, I agree totally, I can see the POV that destroying the Array was not only within the scope of the Prime Directive, the directive required that she destroy it.
Yes, Janeway and Tuvok have that exact discussion. And I can certainly see the benefit, the Captain destroyed their only chance of getting home because she had to save a race from certain annihilation. That's potentially gripping if the story was well executed.

Here's where I'm assuming we part ways -- and this is solely my opinion -- but I just think they could have done a better job on the story, which I attempted to explain in my first post. If I were Janeway, I wouldn't have been so quick to throw up my hands and say, "well there's no choice. We must destroy the array instead of putting our heads together and quickly coming up with a way to make sure that array is destroyed after we use it to get home. That way everybody wins." Maybe set some detonators around the array with timers, set phasers to overload near the array's reactor, give some of those super-torpedoes to Neelix and leave him behind to destroy it or get help to destroy it, anything -- just try a little harder because there are possible solutions where everyone wins -- the array is destroyed AND they get home.

I'm not saying the pilot episode should have ended with them returning to the Alpha quadrant. My point is because there are all of these possibilities that Janeway isn't considering, the story itself is weak. Instead of Janeway looking like someone who stood her moral ground by saving an entire race, she ends up (to me) looking like an inexperienced Captain who isn't considering or even asking for other options.

But that's okay, you know, it's just one story out 7 seasons. I'm not saying anybody is right or wrong, just trying to explain my thoughts after watching the episode. Peace, fellow fans!

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Since this is way too much to fit into a 2 hour premier, I am going to assume that you mean "story arcs" that span more than one episode. (and please feel free to correct me.)
Yes, I said the pilot episode or possibly several episodes (story arcs, yes). While I'm sure the ideas I spouted out are too much for one episode, I do believe they could have pulled off much more character development in those 2 hours if the balance of the show had been different. I could imagine, for example, the "getting stranded on the other side of the galaxy" bit happening in the last 5 to 10 minutes of the show, you see. I realize that would mean a completely different story. But in my opinion it would have been better.

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Now you just hit on the second problem. Voyager was a network show, the same as TOS which introduces a second layer of executive oversight
I completely understand that there are people who have no business dictating stories or show direction getting involved and causing problems. It certainly explains a lot, and I sympathize with the writers and producers.
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