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Re: U.S.S. Curry and other ships from DS9

SO! That's what a Merced-class starship looks like. Never seen the Trieste before, yet it's been mentioned many times in TNG. I wonder if that miniature was made to be shown during the blockade in "Redemption Pt II".

I'd rather that this be an old (as per the registry) and long since retired Trieste of some other class, dug out of mothballs (or a scrap heap) and refitted for duty in the war by adding anachronistic engines... Say, as a clumsy but navigable platform for some heavy artillery, much like often happens in real naval warfare.

Sure, the portholes look TNG'ish. But we don't know how this one would have looked like on screen - perhaps the portholes would not have been visible after all?

(The dayglo colors we can ignore: they are just for VFX purposes, to allow different types of lighting effects to be painted on them at specific passes. It doesn't appear as if this model would be internally lit.)

As for the Curry, I like to view her through the assumption that the engines are Miranda standard. That way, the secondary hull does not have appreciable volume for any sort of accommodation - Marines, fightercraft or anything else. But it's the perfect grapple for those FJ style containers, hugging their upper bow and towing them the way FJ's Ptolemy was supposed to. The extra impulse engines on the towing fixture only come to play when there's cargo in tow. Similarly, the two deflectors on the bow (the dish, and the bronze-hued, curved topside emitter, similar to the one atop the Centaur and too small to be a practical shuttlebay door regardless of assumed scale) complement each other for the two different load conditions the ship may experience.

Timo Saloniemi
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