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Re: Is Batman crazy?

Like George Bush? But the Joker was obviously psychotic, deranged, demented and delusional, and functioned quite fine as a criminal, so what's the difference? He's not glorified? Are people starting to identify with bad guys like Bond being a government assassin anti-hero who is smooth and charming and gets all the girls and the fancy cars. Heck, JJ's Kirk got his own Starship pimped out. Vin Diesal's Riddick and XXX were also basically crimals and killers yet we love them. Why?

Bush's goal was to destroy evil. How is that not insane/ Dr. Severin was declared insane by Spock and the list goes on and on as to what defines insanity and why we love it in this time of guns and violence. What's insane to me is building a gun in the first place. Why doesn't the US crack down on whoever builds guns and/or brings them (smuggles) them here just like drugs. The police in Britain don't have guns and I don't think the Enterprise should have either, personal phasers or a ship's weapon's system and no need for Reed, who liked to blow things up. Aggressive thoughts invite aggression especially with species like the Vulcans out there or what could be much worse, telepathically speaking. How would you like to live in an axis of evil country where you eat a bowl of lentils a day compared to the unbelievable excesses of money and corruption and garbage of the USA?

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