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Re: New Possible Spoiler for Harrison and One Other Possible Big Spoil

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I'm sure that's totally wrong, but that's what I'm going for storywise for now.
No offense, but this sounds incredibly fan-wanky. While I agree that it's possible Marcus (and maybe April, if he actually has anything to do with this film) found the Botany Bay, I sincerely doubt Ceti Alpha will appear in this movie... unless you accept the idea that Marcus et al. banished Khan and his followers there, and Carol Marcus just happened to choose that planet to test a weapon, etc..., at which point movie goers will say "If they wanted to do STII, why not just show us the original??"
Unless the choice of planet for the test wasn't random, and her father specifically sent her there to unknowingly (on her part) deal with the potential threat of Khan and his followers.

The Ceti Alpha thing isn't really important to the overall idea, it was just a vibe I got from that shot in the trailer of Harrison looking over the desolate planet as he talks about the Starfleet leadership's crimes (at least, I think that was the sequence of events). Any planet would do the trick, though.
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