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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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Ah, OK, I thought you were irritated the character exists.

When I express my hate for a character, I use that for characters I think damage the show, characters I wish weren't on it. Characters like Bester or Adami Winn (DS9) that I "Love to Hate", I express as liking or loving the character (Though, obviously I wouldn't want to know them in real life, since they are such a piece of work, LOL)

Personally, I don't love Lochley, but, I appreciate the drama she brings to the arc, and think the arc is better with her prescence

Well, honestly, Lochley is inbetween. I don't really hate her, and I can see why the character was created, but I don't really enjoy her character. I think she could be removed and it wouldn't hurt anything. The bester connection isn't quite right because I actually really like the character of Bester, while Lochley its more like I tolerate her. The biggest compliment I can give the character is that I don't feel like she ruins an episode she's in, I just get annoyed by her sometimes and in general think she's unneeded. Then again, I watched a lot of Farscape episodes with the worst character I've ever seen, Chiana, so any other character is going to have an almost impossible time seeming as useless or episode ruining by comparison. Still, Lochley isn't near that level. She's annoying and a jackass, but she doesn't effect my enjoyment of an episode, so I tolerate her and don't feel anything stronger than annoyance with her, normally. Thats not a glowing reccomendation, but its different than hating her.
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