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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

While Lochley is easily one of my favourite characters, I think part of the problem with the way she comes across in the season has to do with her role being defined out of a necessity to replace Ivanova. Originally the plan was for Ivanova to do not just about everything Lochley ended up doing, but what Lyta ended up doing too. You can imagine how much more dynamic things would have been if it was Ivanova being stuck between her duty as CO of B5, her loyalty to Sheridan and her sympathy for the telepaths.

Lyta has the advantage of being an established character with a relevant back-story, so she slides into the telepath/romance half of Ivanova's role quite easily. Lochley on the other hand just has the "new CO butting heads and asserting her authority" side of things, which by itself doesn't paint her in a very good light.

Still, like I said, she is a favourite and it'll become clearer later on why as the telepath plot comes to a head and (*choosing words carefully*) the better half of the season kicks into full gear. That aside, I think Scoggins does a great job and it's just unfortunate that it took this long to give her something to do with a little more range.
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