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Re: 50th Anniversary Story Official Thread

Zeppster wrote: View Post
Everytime they've shown the Silurians in the past they looked radically different. So why is it so bad that they get a more human look since they are Homo-Reptilius(sp?) as the doctor termed.
I have my own way of explaining it.

The warrior Silurians in New series who like to wear masks.

The Silurians in the classic series look like men in masks - so perhaps they were Silurians in masks too, be it for life support or what have you. The climate has changed after all.

Even allows an explanation why the third eye has different functions too - in their first appearance its a weapon so perhaps its just built in to the helmet like 70s Cybermen. In their second appearance its for communications with their sub.

Konata Izumi wrote: View Post
I know many wouldn't like double emphasis on Ten but there is a certain appeal in seeing there needing to be two of them to compare to Eleven.
I suppose ideally Rose could be paired with her other Doctor, but I'd believe that when I'd see it.
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