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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

There's being on the "straight and narrow" and then there's being an idiot. I'm still not a fan of hers, but Gaiman did manage to give her a few good scenes where I didn't just feel she was there just to cause conflict with the good guys, something JMS hasn't been able to do so far (although I'm sure JMS had some input into those scenes, I'm still counting Lochley getting to be something other than a complete jackass as being because of Gaiman's writing). To be clear, I don't find her scenes in other episodes painful or anything (although she has a tendency to annoy me with her treatment of Garibaldi). Its just that the character is not a good person, she's someone that you hate, but it seems like you're supposed to. I've compared her to a less effective Bester (who is definately an awesome character who you love to hate) and she's still that, she just has a bit more of a sympathetic past. It doesn't stop her from being nothing but a detriment to the good guys, except when Sheridan forces her to do the right thing. Besides, it doesn't sound like her dad kicked her to the street. It sounded like she ran away, and everything after that was her fault. Now, if its revealed that her Dad was evil or was beating her or something, I'll change my opinion a bit, but at this point her "sympathetic backstory" seems to have been caused by her being an idiot. Not that it would hcange my general opinion of her anyway (a lot of bad guys have sympathetic backstories) but, while her scenes this episode and the backstory were good, I don't really feel sorry for her at this point, not that it would make a difference to what I feel about how the character acts now even if her bad past wasn't her fault, like it seems to imply in this episode.
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