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Re: Dallas - Season 2

J.R. Junior is the standout in this series so far. He's got a long way to go to 'replace' Hangman and perhaps he never will but with JR gone he's providing the bravado and comic relief that Hangman made so famous.

I'm loving that they wrote Ashton back in. She was a major part of the original series. I hope there's more than the one episode appearance!
Is JR's Master Plan going to culminate with the death (or indirect cause of death) to Cliff?

I'm also wondering about the future of this series... as long as John Ross keeps up the smart mouth, ass kicking, swindling and scheming I'll keep tuning in. We've got 4 left until the season wraps up and I'm guessing JR's master plan will unfold but a new threat will emerge.

I looked through the posts from the last time I've been here... I couldn't find any discussion of the likelyhood that Victoria Prinicpal will reprise her role as Pamela Barnes but they've been dropping that bomb in every episode since JR died. Is this actually going to happen? I thought there was no way in hell she would return to Dallas. Did the producers manage to get her on board because of Hangman's passing or are they going to use her "off screen?"
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