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Re: Visual continuity/Same future, different eyes

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Sorry to bump what is a fairly old thread now, but I came across THIS VIDEO earlier today (via THIS thread in TOS) and think it's an great example of what I said in the OP. It's the same episode, the same Enterprise bridge - but seen through modern eyes.
It's a modern recreation of an old design, which is not the same thing as a brand new design which tries to capture the essence of the old one, if you see what I mean.
I think you need to watch it again. It's a radically different design from the original, owing more to the movie era. The control panels and displays are like the Okudagrams seen in ST IV-VI, the design of the turbolift door and the lower wall detailing is like that of the later movies, Kirk's chair is on the same level as the outer consoles as in the E-A and Excelsior bridges, and the turbolift entrance is on a flat wall rather than in a recessed alcove.

So it's not a recreation of the original. It's an attempt to redo the TOS-era bridge with an Enterprise-A-era aesthetic. So it's a new design trying to capture the essence of two old ones.
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