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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

Day of the Dead - This episode had the potential to be awesome from the beginning, and it lived up to it. A B5 episode written by Neil Gaiman (whose comic work I've always really liked, Sandman is my favorite comic series ever) and starring Penn & Teller? My mind was blown when they showed up in the beginning as Rebo and Zooty. They were perfect for the parts. Lochley ignoring G'Kar was a bit annoying. It all turned out well, but what if something bad had happened because she wouldn't even let G'Kar speak? One of these days, I hope being an ass comes back to haunt her. Seeing dead people was an interesting idea. All the various encounters were interesting (although I'm not sure why Morden was the one talking to Lennier). Even Lochley managed to have good scenes with the dead woman she was talking to. This episode was just great.
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