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Re: New Possible Spoiler for Harrison and One Other Possible Big Spoil

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Genesis Device, which like many horrible things is being developed with the best of intentions in order to terraform (vulcaform?) a new homeworld for the Vulcan refugees similar to Vulcan itself.
I like a lot of your speculation, but this part, if true, is pretty annoying. It's not like the Genesis device is going to reconstruct Vulcan's culture, just the physical aspects of the planet. And it would seem an illogical use of resources to do that when there are plenty of type M planets (even in the AbramsVerse.) Creating a duplicate of Vulcan for 10,000 Vulcans is about like spending planet-sized resources to make Superman his fortress of solitude echo his long-dead home, and for far less gain, if any.

Not saying it isn't true, but if so, it shows something about the writers and the reset button mentality, which seems to be a reset that is not mindful of context.
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