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Re: Defending Admiral Cain from Battlestar Galactica(mentions Dick Che

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No it gets overlooked for ideological differences. Leaders (dictators) like park and Pinochet are supported not because of what they did but the political stances they took I.e they are still admired today because of their oppression of those on the political left.
Or hated for that reason - let's be balanced here
that would defeat the purpose.

Pak is being held up an example of some-one how used Cain-like tactics i.e brutality and is supposedly still respected for what he turned South Korea into.

But that respect would only really come from those who shared his ideology (same a Pinochet was supported and admired till his death by Reagan and Thatcher for anti-communist stance). The rest deplore him for his atrocities the same same as Cain is deplored for her behavior no matter what what victories she might have acehived.

Her summary execution of the her XO is again something out of a dictatorial regieme. Sure even in the U.S armed services you might get the death penalty for such an act, it's not you're going to get court martial and the right to be heard.

In fact it's more likely Cain who would have ended up in the daggit shit for her actions and that the XO was right in refusing to carry out her orders.
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