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Re: Do you like to read?

Wow, you guys do read a LOT. Having a short attention span, I just can't get into fiction novels anymore. I used to read Star Trek novels as a teen, but those days are long gone. Although I have the entire collection of Harry Potter books, I've only read Prisoner of Azkaban. Even nowadays I can't seem to sit still and read for more than an hour unless I happen to be reading one of my graphic novels or some articles in a magazine.

As for the "dense" non-fiction books I have (mythology, religion, history, etc.), I read them in segments, or I refer to them if I want to look something up (but with the Internet at my disposal, it's much easier to look things up on my cell phone or tablet).

I do have three e-books I downloaded from the Android Store and from Amazon; namely, Cosmic Coupling, Edgar Allan Poe: Complete Tales and Poems, and The Complete Tales of the Brothers Grimm. I read them mostly on the mobile devices.
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