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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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Yes, but that's business. When people find a better product, they abandon the original product. The regular networks are bound by censors and the ridiculous, archaic predefined sweeps periods. They show constant reruns during a present season's original airing. They insist on a 22 episode per season model which ensures some lesser quality episodes when 13 to 16 is far superior. Even 10 to 12 is better. People lose interest.
The big surprise at least to me was the History Channel's The Bible - it's not as if that story hasnt been done before.

Regarding sweeps et al, the biggest problem IMO the networks face is the censors. The coveted demos - 18-35 year olds just except more edgy programming then the networks can provide. Had the Walking Dead gone to 22 episodes this season the fans would have laped that up. Conversely, had the Walking Dead been put on NBC without the gore and the profanity I'm not so sure it would be as popular as it is now.

I'm sure despite the virtually equal success the HS had with the Bible they didn't get the great demos Walking Dead did.
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