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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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I predict that Rick, Daryl, Glenn, Maggie, Carol, Michonne, Beth and Herschel will survive season 4.
With the Governor still at large, and other human threats roaming around, I doubt this line up will all survive the season.

Carl could die depending on the audience's reaction know that the primary hate targets are gone.
If the show continues to pick and choose which comic storylines to ignore, it is possible to get a shakeup where Carl witnesses just how futile the "kill or be killed" mindset is if the Governor kills someone he cases about (Beth and/or Judith), and he cannot get revenge. He just has to swallow it, as there's no guaranteed answer for every injustice suffered.

Tyrese is as good as dead, he will be upgraded to series regular status next season, be awesome for a few episodes and then meet a horrible end to show that the show still dares to kill main characters.
That depends on how he's used; if they follow the comic, he will be a source of ill will within the group because of some attention he recieves....TWD producers feed off of that kind of drama (see the 2-season Lori/Shane/Rick soap opera).

Carol seems to be safer now, she's moving into the slot Andrea should have had if the writer's didn't screw her character up like they did.
I hope she survives, no matter what happens. Next to Herschel, she's the most level headed character--something the group needs more than weapons.
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