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Re: Paramount's Brad Grey Wants to Build a TV Studio

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Then CBS should do a Star Trek series. When was it the last time they had a sci-fi series on there network? Me, I don't know. I think it was Lost in Space. But we have google search to see with one was the last.
Of all the US broadcast networks, CBS is the one that's had the lowest percentage of SF/fantasy shows in its history. But currently it does feature one significant SF show, Person of Interest. Other genre shows on the network since 2000 include Wolf Lake, Jericho, Threshold, Ghost Whisperer, Moonlight, Eleventh Hour, Medium, and the short-lived Century City, while other notable CBS genre shows in decades past include the original Twilight Zone and its first revival, My Favorite Martian, The Wild Wild West, The Amazing Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, The Incredible Hulk, Logan's Run, Beauty and the Beast, Airwolf, The Flash, American Gothic, and Now and Again.

But if you mean to ask when CBS last had a show set in outer space, then as far as I can tell, Lost in Space was the last one of those, although 1985's Otherworld took place on an alien world which may have been either a distant planet or a parallel-universe version of Earth, and Logan's Run and Jericho were both in post-apocalyptic futures.
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