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Re: Do you like to read?

Reading is how I spend about 75% of my waking hours.

For work I read a lot of news and research in the fields of education, human development and learning, and publishing.

For pleasure I mostly read nonfiction in the form of magazines (usually online), blogs, and news sites. Science Daily, Scientific American, Neurologica Blog, The New Yorker (which has a lot of fiction, of course -- my hair was mentioned in the latest issue too! -- though it was attributed to someone else), and I read a lot research; peer-reviewed journal type stuff, usually in neurology, psychology, linguistics, and physics.

For books I usually read nonfiction as well, and again, it's generally science. I like popsci physics books because physics journals can get over my head with mathiness. The same goes for things like stats and math theories, which I enjoy but am not talented enough/educated enough in those fields to really comprehend the research papers. I like books about evolution, critical thinking, neurolinguistics, stuff like that.

I occasionally read biographies and memoirs, but not often. I do enjoy fiction a lot, but it makes up only about 25% of my reading.

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