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Re: VOY The Second Time Around

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People hate on Archer for being dumb, but Janeway has the ability to get the crew back home and she decides to allow the array to be destroyed? Whaaa??? Use those crazy "tri-cobalt devices" to destroy the remaining Kazon ships, give Neelix the Maquis ship, a lifetime supply of water and a couple of those tri-cobalt deals and ask him to destroy the array as soon as they leave, and for Pete's sake set the thing on the array to send them back home. Boom, all problems solved.
Except for one problem, you got no show. Voyager had to be stranded that was the premise from the beginning. So given that, how would you strand them? That has to happen for Voyager the series to exist.

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I can understand the Maquis crew giving in and working with the Voyager crew, but wearing the uniforms? So quickly? Get real! Let's have more tension!
And again here is the assumption that the Maquis were forced to wear the uniform. We are told that there was an "agreement" to wear the uniform. Don't see how you get forced from that. There could have been members that had to be "talked" into it, and by that implication "reasoning" but I don't see force.

I wrote a very short fic, using a pretty good reason for them to wear the uniform. It is here.

And it was all Chakotay's idea.

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