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Re: Episode of the Week: 2x10 "The Dauphin"

Technically, you are correct, he never...

Captrek wrote: View Post
Back in the season premiere, I toyed with the idea of putting links to a transcript and Memory Alpha article for the episode at the top of the first post. A little extra effort for the person who makes the post, but perhaps a convenience for others. Should we make it a regular practice?

Also, everybody please try to remember the tng episode of the week tag. If you start the thread please include the tag, and if the thread is started without the tag please add it.
...but he did suggest it. And I used it in the following weeks episode (I think it was A Matter Of Honour).

Jeyl wrote: View Post
Now if you would like me to have those links in my posts, I can oblige.
That would be great. I think it looks better and it satisfies my OCD!
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