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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

^PSG did well!

Not that you'd ever know based on the coverage on ITV. A sample question between host and pundits: "Do you think Xavi, Iniesta and Messi will be awed by playing against David Beckham?"

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Is it just me or does all the major leagues looked wrapped up already, talking about boring...

* Man Utd 15 points clear
* Barcelona 13 points clear
* Juventus 11 points clear
* Bayern Munich 20 points clear
* PSG 8 points clear (though Lyon have 1 game in hand)

Even CL for me is blah though thats because no English involvement and Barcelona remain in it (god they bore me). I hope for a Real vs. Bayern final after their encounter last year. I can't believe the Europa League looks good for once
The Europa League looks good, and the Eredivise is also a lot more open than the five leagues you've listed there. But anyway, who needs the major leagues when our very own Championship is so open across the board? About 6 games to go and only about 3 teams have nothing to play for out of 24, there's only 8 points between 23rd and 11th and there's a mighty tussle for automatic and play-off positions, with teams swandiving and rising like Lazarus all over the place.

....or are you already sheltering yourself against the prospect of Forest in the play-offs? It might not be so bad this time!
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