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Re: Windows XP Problems WITH Solutions

I'm sure there are a dozen of you out there who've solved WinXP problems with your Trek games, so come on: Share the Knowledge!


GAME: Star Trek TNG Birth of the Federation (1999, Microprose)

PROBLEM: Game will not start/crashes to desktop after splash screen

SOLUTION: Three easy steps....

1. Make a clean install of BotF (if not already the case)

2. Install the 1.02 patch

3. In the directory the patch files were extracted to (usually \botf\temp) there is a file called USTREK.EXE. Copy this file and paste it into the \botf (main BotF install) directory.

-3A. Rename the existing TREK.EXE file in the main directory to TREK.EXE.BAK (or whatever).

-3B. Finally, rename the USTREK.EXE file you just added here to TREK.EXE

Thanks to Sloansect31 from the TrekPulse BBS for this info!

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