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Re: Project: Potemkin "Devil in the Details" S01-H

He's a nice looking devil too. I guess I won't be stalking her on face book. i really hate witches and dragon girls but that's another story. Where I live there be witches and B's and (she plus its) which backwards is itch or which ever way, ie your ho's way or the highway. Her side or the outside. My landlord is a woman. so was Beethoven's - his worst critic. His fifth symphony was his response to her request for the rent when she said, you stupid bum, he said you f'n B (whore) or whatever and now that symphony is aboard the Voyager spacecraft headed out of our star system to meet god, His German landlady! But the third mvmt. responded with, I am the King of my domain, and I'm undressed so don't come in, or I am a clone so leave me alone. one of the two. Sort of similar to Goldsmith's provacative Trek theme which jumps around and leaps using the same three note phrase in four four common time too.
Oh forget it.
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