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Yeah, I've entertained the idea of doing the other endings before but always done destroy and since I find so much fault with the endings, have decided that the citadel post mission dlc should take place after taking back earth. Therefore, EDI lives somehow. It's not all that delusional if Shepard could live. Plus, I've put so much time into this series, I feel it's the only appropriate response. And it makes me actually not hate the Earth/Citadel missions, because it allows for there to be a dawn after the darkness.

Anyhoo, I could never choose the other options because of just how insidious the Reapers were. Indoctrination, converting people into husks, targeting civilians, the list goes on. An evil that bad just had to be destroyed. Also, not let Starbrat who did all of this retain his forces, just in case he somehow survived and since he had been responsible for trillions of deaths if not more, the possibility, however remote that he might somehow regain control of them is simply unacceptable.

Also, it's one thing to use leftover Prothean Technology, it's another to use something made of Ground-up-Protheans. "You died horrible, awful, disturbing deaths so we could have an army of Reapers rebuild out society and allow us to live in comfort and safety." Seriously?
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