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Re: Georgia toddler mauled to death by family's pack of dogs

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I think 4 dogs is the line where you just have to start calling someone crazy. 1 dog is great. I could see getting 2 if you don't want your dog to be lonely while you're at work. Fine. 3 you're starting to push it, but whatever... 4? You're just fucking nuts sorry.

The mother's 18 years old, the daughter was almost 2... well. You do that math. Not necessarily dealing with the most responsible people here. I mean come on. A kid that young? You set up those little toddler gates/fences so they can't get themselves killed. Is it really that hard?
I'm not sure that three is an out of line number. Sometimes it happens.

The age of the people involved is a telling thing though. How many people can say that they were responsible people at 18?
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